Decadencia,  Existencialismo

#16 Planned obsolescence

Planned obsolescence is something that not only applies to machines anymore. Why building a real bond with anyone when for less than half the effort you can have a fresh start with anyone new, easy-to-use and that will not give you so many headaches? 

Someone you won’t have to care that much about and who will keep you company, while laughing at all your jokes. Someone who will never question anything you do or tell that truth about yourself that you don’t want to hear.

Someone who will be amazed by what you say, that will listen to all your stories and that will happily offer that distorted reflection of yourself in which you will look thinner, slender, smarter & sexier. No need to deal with bad days or emotional breakdowns. Your sick mechanisms and shitty mind games will never be exposed. Because you know that when looked from afar, everything can be wonderfully perfect. 

But every day it gets harder to ignore that feeling of emptiness, right? You want to touch and be touched, feel that real connection, so raw and imperfect. All of the sudden you are fully aware of how lonely you really are, how lonely we all are. 

See… I no longer want that planned obsolescence.

I want to fix things when they break, if it’s worth it. I want to build, share, enjoy, hurt. Keep on growing until we run out of time. I will love you in your bad days and kiss your tears, feel your arms around me when I am breaking inside. And that we both die knowing who we really were, with all our light and our darkness…

Or die alone.

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